About Us


SPERRY CORPORATION established in 1977 and has a long tradition as businessmen in Taiwan . With 40 years business experience as a holding company to control the following subsidiaries :

COMBOSTAR TECHNOLOGY - 3C / Electronic products filed
Such like Tele-communication, PC and video games products. The company dealt with Sakhr - Al Alamiah in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to support the famous student computer - MSX system in 1990 ~ 1995 and have been doing business with many companies world wide for video game accessories up to now.

There are many owned design products as well. EX : www.cronusmax.com.tw

MIROSTATION - Agarwood filed.
The Agarwood business has been in China and Taiwan for more than hundred years as being a culture , medicines and collection. There are still being wtih valuable back stocks in bulk keeping in Taiwan.
MIROSTATION has been mainly in Agarwood since 2008 with providing various and high-end Agarwood in China and Taiwan.

Our Vision and Value
Your One Stop with us to work as the Professional and Reliable Agarwood Supplier.
- Mainly on Cambodia / Kalimantan / Manilau / Maroki stock.
- From high-end Under water, King super and medium grade such like Tri, Kachang goods.
- Bakhoor Material : Powder / Kachang / Tri and resing.
- Oils of different areas and Resin that you are not able to buy officially anywhere.

With more than 40 years business, we have many good brothers and partners in the Middle East. (Dubai / Riyadh / Jeddah)
We are neither SOHO individual nor FB sellers. Don't worry to miss your suppliers next month.


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